What is Hotshot?

Hotshot is the first “HOT” Ready-To-Drink Beverage Company in the United States! We offer various Coffee & Chocolate beverages, served “HOT” in a can, so it’s Ready-To-Drink ! Its fresh brewed taste captured in a can for the ultimate convenience. We offer Black, Espresso, French Vanilla, Caramel and Hot Chocolate.  All new flavors will be chosen by our customers.



HotShot is made with 100% Arabica beans and flavored to perfection. You'll always get a fresh brewed coffee taste. HotShot is certified Kosher, and everything is made right here in the USA.


Best of Bean

It all starts with the bean, that’s why we use only the finest Arabica coffee beans. We roast, grind and extract our coffee in our state of the art facility, creating the most powerful, flavorful, aromatic coffees. We extract the best from each and every bean and put it into Hotshot! It’s what gives our coffee that “Fresh Brewed” taste right out of the can.



What is Hotbox?


Hotbox is the very first “Hot Fridge” ever! Hotbox is our custom heating and storage unit for all Hotshot beverages. The HotBox uses innovative patented heating technology to keep HotShot at the ideal temperature while being energy efficient. The cans are stored day and night at 140 degrees which is the perfect temperature to drink premium coffee. It’s simple, just load up your Hotbox with Hotshot cans, turn it on & HOT Canned Coffee will be ready to drink in no time! 





Important: This machine is intended for use with HotShot Beverages only!  Do not place any other products inside the machine. HotShot beverages are specially designed to withstand the heating & hot storage process.  


The small HotBox will fit on virtually any table or counter top.






How it works

Heating Tech

With the conductive heating technology, the HotBox only applies heat to each can, so no power is wasted trying to keep the entire environment heated.


Label Tech

In order to keep our HotShots at the perfect drinking temperature without burning your hands, we've developed a revolutionary insulated label. Not unlike a drink cozy, the simple material keeps your coffee hot and your hands cool.